1. samueltjones:


    by Patrícia Mafra
    & Gonçalo Nobre
    Inês Costa

    Great font animation.

    ✦  ✌ Great to see these little guys around tumblr  ✌ 

  2. Omnomnom

    Food stickers for Petpoc!!

  3. YEY!!! Petpoc is now available to download on the #AppStore!!!

     Christmas came earlier this year 

  4. back home - back to work

    Tumbrl girl!

  5. semaev:


    (by Patrícia Mafra & Inês Costa & Gonçalo Nobre)


    Caretoz started as an illustration & typography project inspired by traditional masks and monsters. Soon it turned out to be more than that and it evolved to a fun game, that got people searching and collecting Caretoz cards all over Berlin, during the Pictoplasma festival 2014.


    Caretoz cards were distributed in 13 galleries that were open during the Pictoplasma festival. Mini wooden Caretoz were hand painted and placed near the galleries that had Caretoz cards inside, so people knew they could find them there.


    Each card corresponded to a letter. If you had one card you could just take a picture, post in on instragram / facebook, add #findcaretos and you would win a poster with all Caretoz. If someone collected all 26 Caretoz and sent us a picture they would win a poster + their favorite Careto hand embroidered.


    We’re planning on bringing Caretoz to life and make a small animation with all of them. Until that animation isn’t ready, we’ll be releasing GIFs from time to time :-)

  6. Here’s another project I had a lot of fun working on :-)


    Caretoz started as an illustration & typography project inspired by traditional
    masks and monsters. Soon it turned out to be more than that and it evolved to a fun game, that got people serching and collecting Caretoz cards all over Berlin, during the Pictoplasma festival 2014.

    This Project was illustrated by Inês Costa and Patricia Mafra and animated by Gonçalo Nobre.

    You Can find this project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16584039/CARETOZ

  7. Finally I can share what’s keeping me away from tumblr…

    *pam pam paaam* 

    I was asked to design & illustrate a new app called Petpoc. I designed the branding and from there I worked on the character, icons and pattern design as well as the whole screen design.

    See the rest of this project here!

    And if you own a pet and have an iPhone, you will love Petpoc!
    Go to http://www.petpoc.com/ to know about this app.


  8. I just supported Creative Pet Project KickStart on @ThunderclapIt // @CreatePetProj

  9. ≧◠◡◠≦ Hi all ≧◠◡◠≦

    These last couple of months I’ve been working hard on a new app design and now I’m really excited to start sharing some parts of it with everyone. Here is the first set of pet avatars that I illustrated for Petpoc.

    You can join the Petpoc club and be one of the first to know when it launches,: http://www.petpoc.com/


  10. olvidocosas said: Hoola :) Te escribo esto sólo para decirte que ¡me encantan tus ilustraciones! Eres genial, sigue así. Eh.... Adiós E:

    Aw! Muchas gracias, it’s so good to know that :3

  11. º-º  Hey! Me and my imaginary friend are now having fun on Instagram…come and join us º-º 

  12. Something new with type :-)

  13. ・゚✧ I present you Mon-mon, the cute fat monster! ・゚

    New set of stickers, my illustrations animated by Gonçalo, for WeChat.

  14. ♒ dreaming underwater  - work in progress

  15. ♥ Love stickers for Path 

    See the all of them here!